What To Look For When Choosing A Chinese Medicine Therapist


Living in the information age has brought about a renaissance of going back to the roots. One of the sectors that have seen this paradigm shift is that of health whereby people are opting for Eastern medicine and mainly that practiced by the Chinese for centuries. The internet is flooded with clinics stating that they specialize in Chinese medicine but very few are doing the right thing. So how do you narrow down and find the best Chinese medicine therapist?


You need to decide on the Therapy Type


Chinese medicine is divided into four broad classes:


Natural products. This includes herbs and is the most popular of Chinese complementary therapies.


Bodywork therapy. This involves the use of touch also termed as manipulation the body’s soft tissues. There is plenty of massage and Bowen therapy used.


Mind-body therapy. The body’s physical functioning is promoted by the mind, moods and thoughts. This involves guided imagery, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, support groups, tai chi among others.


Energy therapy.  This involves the manipulation of energy fields.


What are your Goals


Now that you know the type of therapies involved, you need to note your own goals as to why you are opting for Chinese medicine. What do you expect to gain from this therapy? For instance, do you want to manage a condition, cure or relieve a condition? It could be that you want a mental declutter or you want to reduce the risks of a disease or condition.


Professional Associations


Contact the local association for Chinese medicine therapists who are practicing legally. You will definitely retrieve more information for instance who specializes in what and where they are currently located if they moved to a new location. You will also get to know the guidelines and code of conduct governing the practice.


Conduct a Pre-Visit


Now that you already know who is who, it time for you pay them a little visit. A pre-visit will help you to find out the following:


Accessibility. Can you get to the clinic easily and do they have enough parking space?

Qualifications. You get to really know how long they have been practicing and how.

Satisfy your personal preferences. This is all about your first impressions of the place. Do you like the appearance and how did the receptionist respond to you?

Interpersonal matters. How do you find the rapport? Did they listen to you or did it sound like a message that is repeated to every potential client who walks in?


You will also need to ask question about the treatment.  The questions you should ask are:


  • How does the treatment work
  • Can they provide proof that it works
  • Are there any side effects
  • Will the treatment interfere with any conventional medicine that you could be taking
  • How long does the treatment last
  • What is the cost


You should also tell the therapist about your medical history or any condition that you could be having. It should also be noted that you should consult a medical doctor before opting for complementary medicine.