What is a Swedish massage


Most of the times many people mistake Swedish massage therapy as all types of massage. This is because Swedish massage is the best-known type of bodywork that is done in spas all over the world.


What is the purpose of a Swedish Massage


A Swedish massage technique is done to relax the entire body. This is achieved by rubbing the muscles with no gliding strokes in a direction that returns your blood back to the heart. It is also a massage method that is beneficial in terms of increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood improving circulation flexibility and decreasing muscle toxins.


Swedish Massage Techniques


There are several techniques that make up the Swedish massage routine. The first one is circular pressure applied by hands and palms. There is also percussion-like tapping firm kneading, bending and stretching.


What happens during a Swedish Massage


First and foremost, the therapist lubricates your skin with massage oil and performs several massage strokes including the basic techniques that have been mentioned before. The therapist will also perform the following:


  • Friction
  • Effleurage
  • Tapotement
  • Nerve strokes
  • Petrissage
  • Swedish gymnastics


This particular movements warm your muscles, release tension and gradually break up notes or adhesions.


What we should know


As much as a Swedish massage will promote relaxation and other several health benefits, it is important that prior to the massage the therapist should be aware of any conditions or injuries that you might have. If you have not told them then you can be assured that we will ask you first before I do anything else.


Some of the things that we should be aware of are, the areas of tightness or pain, if you have any allergies or conditions for instance pregnancy. You can also tell us before the message if you have any preferences for instance firm or light pressure. Once we are done with the consultation our therapist will instruct you on how to lie on the table either face up or face down and have a sheet or towel underneath and then we’ll leave the room to give you privacy. The therapist comes back later and knocks to know if you are ready.


Why should I be Nude


During a Swedish massage, you will be nude but underneath a sheet or towel. Our therapist will only uncover the part that they are working on. This is what is referred to as draping. If you are not comfortable with being nude, you can keep your underwear on.


The Difference between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massages concentrate on muscle injuries and chronic muscle problems. The aim is to provide deep relief to areas where tension is felt.

Swedish massages help you to relax physically and mentally. It is, therefore, a comprehensive kind of massage.

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