What is Natal Massage?


Pre and post-natal massage is the kind of touch that soothes and relieves strained back and leg muscles in pregnant women.

This kind of massage is especially beneficial during the second and third trimesters when the mother starts having extra weight added on their lower back and legs.

At Greatone Health, we do not only offer you great massage services but we incorporate massage therapy into your routine prenatal care. The massage services are offered by a therapist who is certified to do so and we always encourage our clients to consult with the healthcare provider before beginning any new therapeutic practice.


Why Do You Need The Massages


  • Massages help you relax and de-stress.
  • Massages help to lower blood pressure.
  • Massages promote good blood flow and circulation.
  • Massages boost the immune system through the circulation of the lymphatic fluid in the lymphatic system from head to toe which detects infections in good time.
  • Massages help you sleep better which result in physical and mental relaxation.


What To Expect At Greatone Health


  • We use good massage oil. This is one crucial element because the wrong kind of oil will not only give you nausea, leave you sore with a headache but can also damage your skin and leave an ugly scar.
  • Qualified and certified therapists. Massaging expectant women is very different from massaging a person who is not pregnant and requires trained hands that know the nuances.
  • Proper massage equipment. As the tummy of the pregnant woman gets bigger she might not be able to do certain things like she used to do before, for example, turning her limbs or lying down on her back. The therapist should not only be aware of this situation but also make enough provisions to make her comfortable during the massage process, for instance, providing lots of pillows and adequate neck and back support.
  • A clean toilet and bathroom. we are not only a great place to get a massage but we are also a great place where you can use the bathroom and the toilet comfortably you do not want to come for an appointment and apart from relaxation get a urinary infection and other gems we do not take any risks we play safe because mothers are important.


The Importance Of Prenatal Massages


Today more than ever many women are becoming aware of the benefits of getting a massage during pregnancy we also strive to ensure that we erase their fears that they could possibly harm their precious little angel  and make them know that there are several benefits to reap, such as

  • Prenatal massages help tackle plenty of common pregnancy ailments such as swollen ankles stiff neck and shoulders.
  • As the belly size growth movement is restricted and therefore a message comes in handy to keep the blood circulation or track.
  • Prenatal massage has also been found to regulate hormone levels and this aids in relaxation and distressing.
  • These massages offer the expectant mother peace and quiet in enable her to come down any anxieties that she might have.


Importance  Of Postnatal Massages


  • There is breast milk stimulation.
  • It is in the quick recovery after a six-hour C-section
  • Helps to deal with Postpartum depression
  • Allows muscle relaxation decreased swelling and pain relief


Why Come To Us


At Greatone Health, we focus on you and your needs both physically and mentally. Our staff is adequately trained and prepared to work with pregnant mothers and see them through this wonderful stage of life.