The work of a physiotherapist is to help in the function and movement of the human body. Physiotherapy clinics are initiated with the aim to improve movement ability, reduce pain, prevent disability, restore body functions among other things.

Choosing a physiotherapist is not a simple thing to do simply because there are many physiotherapists who specialize in manual therapy techniques that help in relieving pain and restoring muscle functions.  It is therefore important for you to pick out the most professional and reliable physiotherapist and here is the list to help you look out for the important things.




Not everyone can become a physiotherapist. The term Physiotherapist is a legally protected term that is only used by persons who have been professionally trained to practice. A professional is also registered with a society or association that governs the practice and the members adhere to the standards and ethics of their specialization.




All well-meaning physiotherapists have at least a university degree as set out by their respective professional bodies or association. For those who have a BSc or MSc after their name are definitely those who are totally committed to the cause. These are qualifications that show the level of expertise the therapist has. Any good physiotherapy clinic has a lead therapist with such kind of qualifications. But qualifications should not always be taken as a sign of ability. At times the therapist with an undergraduate degree outperforms the therapist with Masters.


Interpersonal Skills


Comfort is the keyword. Apart from the great grades and academic excellence hanging on the wall, is your therapist humane?  Check how they are treating you and listen to your body, is it responding in kind? The physiotherapist should clearly explain to you all procedures from the diagnosis, treatment and possible outcome.


Treatment Period


This is the biggest issue with the physiotherapy profession. The rates are not very friendly for many. This, however, is not a big issue for patients who need professional service that will aid in their full recovery. Most of the sessions go from 45 to 60 minutes. It would be wiser to always ensure that you move your session to take an hour so that you fully use your money. It should also be noted that the kind of therapist you are booked with matters. If they see many patients then that simply means that they are in demand and they charge a fee that rhymes with their popularity. You also need a therapist who has time for you. This means that treatment time depends on two things, time and money. These two must strike a balance where the therapist has time for you and you can pay comfortably for their services. The pricing should be ethical.


The Look of the Clinic


The other aspect that you should consider is the location of their clinic and how it looks. Clinics come in two types. There is the open concept and there are private treatment rooms. The open concept clinic is one big space with several beds that are divided by curtains. The private rooms are simply big spaces with beds and separated by a wall. So go for what makes you comfortable.