Fully body massage involves massaging all parts of a person’s body. It takes a lot of time from 50 minutes to several hours depending on the therapeutic goals of the client. Generally, it involves massage of all major areas or parts of the body but the client has the autonomy to give restrictions.

Clients may be required to only remain with pants or a towel and lie on a table or a massage bed. The areas to be touched during a full body massage is determined by the health goals of the clients. Here are the constituents of a full body Massage.

Massaging of the Arms  

Massaging of the arms occurs is done by targeting the muscles. For upper arm, the area between your shoulder joint and elbow joint, the muscles that can be massaged include biceps brachii, brachialis, coracobrachialis. Upper arm also includes posterior muscles, the triceps.

Massaging can be done for this area to ensure complete relief is achieved. Pressures are applied to relax muscles and ensure fatigue or pain is eliminated from the arms. Muscles of the lower arm can also be massaged to ensure complete healing is achieved.

Massaging of Legs

Leg muscles could be stiff and with a lot of fatigue causing pain when you walk. To help relieve people from fatigue to muscle pain, massage can be done. The massage therapy normally targets the quadriceps femoris, iliopsoas, and sartorius muscles because they are the ones responsible for leg movement.

The fascia that joins these muscles could have been compromised leading to a lot of pain and fatigue. Pressure applied during a massage can help relax the fascia and muscles making them work perfectly as needed. It may take some time for you to achieve complete satisfactory results but if done by an expert, you can be sure to feel better after a very short time. hamstrings and gluteus maximus can also be targeted to ensure you receive complete healing and a better feeling.

Back Massage

Massaging of the back is the common form of massage many people know about. Many people experience fatigue on those areas and sometimes pain radiate to the head or the lower limbs.

Back massage targets muscles like Latissimus Dorsi, Rhomboids, Trapezius and Posterior Deltoid. Once these muscles are well-stimulated or massaged, the person feels so fresh and rejuvenated. Owing to the large size of the back muscles, the force used could be immense so as to achieve maximum impact.

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal muscles have always been known to cause cramps whenever altered. The fascia may shrink causing forceful crumping of muscles that normally leads to pain. Muscles involved in this crump pain at the abdominal level include external oblique, internal oblique, and transverse abdominis.

Massage interventions are meant to relax these muscles by applying the required amount of pressure on the abdomen. You may not feel the relief during the massage but after some time, you will feel relieved and better. The massage service provider knows how to apply the pressures to deliver maximum impact on required areas.

Massage of the Inguinal Region

Some people go for massage in the inguinal region to relieve themselves from pain and fatigue. This is a good form of massage but it needs to be done under strict restrictions to avoid stimulating emotions of people. It is normally offered to people with groin pain or people who may have a hernia.

Most people who undergo this type of massage usually feel relieved because the muscles involved are small so the impact is always high. It is recommended that inguinal massage should be done by a person of same-sex to prevent sexual stimulation.

Understanding Fully Body Massage

You may see like the massage providing professional is just applying pressure randomly but normally he or she targets specific muscles in your body. These are people who understand the body gross anatomy and physiology so they know how every part is anatomical and functional related.

You may be surprised to see yourself getting better and start thinking it is magic but it is all about impacting the relevant areas that coordinate with one another. Fully body massage can also be done except for some parts that clients restrict not to be touched or worked on.


Let your full body massage be done by a trained, experienced and licensed professional. Sometimes massage providing professionals have to make sure equipment is used to attain the impact required. A well-equipped massage provider is always reliable when it comes to your message needs.