How long can a full body massage possible take? Well, it all depends on the customer’s fitness goals and it is worth noting that some parts are easily impacted while others take longer to be impacted. Areas like abdomen, neck, and hands are responsive to pressures or strokes applied while areas like hips, the back, and chest require intense massage for one to feel the impact. Massage in fat or masculine people tends to take longer than a massage in slim people. Many factors determine the time of a full body massage so there is no specific duration one can quote.

The First Step in Fully Body Massage

The American Massage Therapy Association recommends that all massage professionals must start with an interview. It is just like collecting medical history and it helps the therapist to understand the client’s needs and how approaches can be structured to deliver the best impact. Based on the client’s complain, the therapist tells the client all body parts that are going to be massaged.

This psychologically and physically prepares the client. Ankle and the Knee are the two parts that are normally started. The therapist then starts with smooth effleurage strokes and later proceed to petrissage and milking strokes on the affected muscles. Compressions can also be applied to loosen tight muscles. This normally takes around 10 minutes sometimes less depending on the condition of the client

Second Step of Full Body Massage

After legs have been massaged, the back normally follows. At the back long, slow effleurage pressures or strokes are normally applied on both sides of the spine. Since muscles of the back are so tough and dense, the therapist has to apply strokes using fingers, wrists, knuckles or elbows so as to attain maximum pressures.

Tight muscles are always relaxed by applying the perfect type of strokes so that muscles and their fascia become normal.  Massaging the back could take a lot of time, sometimes it could go up to 30 minutes especially for fat people who need an extreme massage.

Third Step of Full Body Massage

After the back massage, arms and hands come next. The client is made to lie on the table or massage bed with a face on the downside or upside. The same long, slow effleurage of pressures applied on legs are also applied on the arms. Arms don’t take a lot of time because the muscles are not that large compared to the back or hips. Massaging of the arms does not take long and most people are normally served at between 10 to 20 minutes.

One arm is started first before the other arm is worked on. Arms and hands are known to be better after some few strokes. Fat people may take some time since a lot of effort is needed to ensure maximum impact is delivered on the muscles. The nerves, muscle fascia and other kinds of anatomical structures are all streamlined to make clients feel relieved and better. The process takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Fourth Step of the Full Body Massage

This massage is done on abdominal muscles up to the level of the waist or hip border. The client normally lies in a supine position exposing the abdominal muscles and ensuring the therapist has full access to the muscles. Intense strokes are applied without having to cause pain to the client’s stomach and the patient feels better within a very short time. A full abdominal massage may ten up to 30 minutes if the client has lots of muscles. Pregnant women require extreme carefulness not to stimulate any kind of pain. Abdominal massage for pregnant women normally takes a lot of time because of the extreme carefulness therapists have offered.

Jaws, neck and deltoid areas are massaged last plus some areas of the clavicle. They don’t take long though and 20 minutes may be enough to achieve intended fitness results. The therapist may explain all procedures as they apply the strokes on you. Always make sure you ask if you don’t understand a thing about the massage being offered by the therapist, as a client, you deserve to know. Massage is not just the application of strokes but it involves the application of physiology knowledge and anatomical knowing.


1 to 2 hours is the average time range that a full body massage takes. Your fitness goals are what will determine the time you will take so no exact time can be stated. As long as you don’t achieve the relief you want, massage strokes will continue to be applied to your body.