Spa therapy simple means body therapeutic interventions done by the use of treated water in a tub or pool. The massage part just comes in to supplement the therapeutic actions of the spa. Spas are of different type with each delivering different types of health benefits.

This means if you have to use a spa, you need to know the different types of spas so that you select the appropriate one that can emancipate you from the health condition you have. Cleansing spas, relaxation spas, day spas, and anti-aging spas are some of the examples of spas one can use.

The Equipment Involved in Spa Therapy

  • Hydrotherapy tubs-these are popularly known as jetted tabs and they offer a perfect body soak. The warm water provides excellent massage as it passes on your skin making you feel relaxed. These tabs are normally made with a circulating water mechanism to make the water massage you as you relax on the tab.
  • whirlpool tubs-perfect for people who would like to be massaged by water at moderate speeds for excellent healing. The tabs are known to warm water for the user to soak himself inside. You need to be in a calm place for you to feel the impact of this treatment.
  • steam rooms and Steam Cabinets-steam is known to penetrate skin pores and make your tissues to be soft and relaxed. For muscles or fascia that is compressed, steam can loosen it making all muscles to be relaxed thereby leading to relief from pain and fatigue. Sauna is a specialized room that contains the warmth to make people relax and enjoy therapeutic sessions. People who use saunas experience a lot of health benefits.

Spa attendants or specialists normally explain all treatment procedures and expected benefits to clients before they start a therapeutic session. In spa massage, clients are rarely touched, they are just given time to feel the impact of the treated water. Look at the above types of spa equipment, some of these can be installed at home so that people use them at their own convenience.

You can have massage and spa treatments at the same place. In fact, most centers that have a massage center also have a spa center so it is always the client’s choice to choose the procedure he or she wants.

Arrive at the Place Early Before Your Scheduled Time of Treatment

Arrive early and start immersing yourself in the whirlpool tubs and other spa equipment like saunas. By the time your therapy session time reaches, your body would be well prepared for all the exercises. Your mind relaxes and all tension sublimes leaving you an emotional and physical neutral person.

A massage therapist will then come in to ask you your fitness goals and will start formulating the best massage approaches and interventions for you. Experts will explain to you all interventions and you will know what is exactly going to be done to your body for you achieve the best fitness goals.

Some of the Spa Services You Can Have

Facials services can be offered for people who want to eliminate aging signs on their faces. Body wraps may also be offered for people who want complete body detoxification and fatigue elimination.  spa manicures and spa pedicures are also offered by many spa centers. If you want your fingernail and tore nail beauty to increase, it is worth having such service offered to you. Body and facial scrubs are some of the spa massages offered to those who want a full body spa massage or therapy. If you look at these services, spa therapy combines some bit of cosmetology.

Every spa has its own menu so before you ask for any service, first ask for the menu so that you know what they are offering. For example, you may request for aromatherapy and find out it is not offered at the spa.

Spa massage or therapy may look different in terms of the approaches used but the spa and physical massage all promote self-healing mechanism from the body. Apart from the fact that spa cannot be used for partial body relief, they are all used to bring body relaxation and healing of pain.

Always make sure the therapist explains to you all procedures and their impacts before you start any treatment process. It not only helps you to understand the procedure but also enables you to be psychologically prepared at all times. Choose a licensed and well-reviewed therapist so that you get professional and reliable services.