A spa is a place containing mineral enriched water that is meant to offer therapeutic baths to people. Therapies offered by spas are different from one another since the minerals they are enriched with are designed to offer different health benefits.  

Massage, on the other hand, is the application of pressure on specific body parts to achieve maximum muscle relaxation and pain elimination. A spa massage is a simple massage at the spa where before or after your therapeutic bath, massage is done on you. To explain the difference in a comprehensive way, different perspectives need to be considered.

The Extent of Treatment

It is worth noting that some treatments cannot be offered through massage. Treatments like colon hydrotherapy can only be offered by a Spa treatment. Detoxification of the body can only be offered by a spa treatment. Muscle fatigue and pain are two conditions that can be eliminated by physical massage or spa massage. The efficiency of the two cannot be compared since every technique has its own parameters of satisfaction to clients. Spas are enriched with minerals meant to penetrate the skin and tissues so as to deliver the required impact.

Focus That the Massage and Spa Has

A spa is a place built and prepared to enable people to relax and relieve themselves from stress. The tab filled with mineralized water enables people to float and feel euphoric thereby forgetting all pressures of daily life. You relax, become refreshed and rejuvenate your mind so that you carry on with your normal activities without any psychological or physical impairment.

Massage is aimed at offering complete relief from fatigue or pain through individualized pressure strokes on muscles. It can be done on a single part or full body massage. As a client, you need to know your fitness goals in order for proper interventions to be done.

The environment of Massage Clinic and Spa Differ

Most spas are found in resorts and 5-star hotels. They are in breathtaking venues where one can have therapies performed on him or her. You cannot miss finding a welcoming lighting, soothing aromas, calming music, and some attractive aesthetics all of which are meant to make you relax.

Massage clinics don’t have such comforting attributes, you only have a bed, a towel and lotion or oil to streamline your skin. A massage clinic environment doesn’t take into consideration your relaxation needs, it is only concerned with eliminating abnormality you are experiencing.

Approach of Treatment

Massage clinic does its work in a physical and systematic manner. First, the client is assessed and evaluated in order for all problems to be identified. The massage therapy will then start on the parts that the client has complained about. Once pressures or strokes have been applied, the client is then allowed to relax and health education lastly offered. Spa therapy does not include such processes, clients just dip themselves in the tabs, enjoy the warm bath of mineral water and later get out after the session is over.

Most Places Combine Both

The reason for people to mix the two terms is that whenever you find a spa, there is always a massage service provider. Many hotels or places write ‘massage and spa’’, This means you can get the two services in one place, they are two different therapies and can be used to supplement each other. People who opt for spa therapies normally want to heal while relaxing. Massage works well but it involves a lot of pressures applied to your muscles so that you achieve your complete relief and healing.

A full body massage normally takes longer than one hour while a spa can take several minutes to enable you to achieve maximum healing. Spas are good at treating the whole body, not like a massage that can be done on a specific body part.

Massage relies more on physical therapies but a spa is enriched with minerals that can work pharmacologically to improve your health. The two procedures are totally different but they all bring an impact of relief and excellent physical enhancement.

A spa is the hydrotherapy part offered while a massage is the physical therapy part offered. The two are always combined for people to achieve complete healing. Massage is offered by a therapist while a spa massage involves immersing yourself into a tub with mineralized water. Normally people start with a spa treatment then proceed to massage after tissues have become soft and easy to massage.