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Foot Massage

Here at  Great One Wellness located in Markham, we believe getting a foot massage contains many health benefits that we will explain further. For whatever reason you may want to get a foot massage, getting one is a great idea. Just like a full body massage, a foot massage will also be relaxing. If you want to book a consultation with us to inquire about foot massages, please do so by checking out our website.

Benefits of A Foot Massage:

Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure has turned quite habitual in both men and women. It can be brought upon by a number of reasons such as stress and diet if you are not eating healthy, but sometimes,  it has no specific cause and is alleged to be brought upon by environmental influences and is also heredity. A job that is very demanding and is physically and mentally draining can be relieved with a foot massage that is just a 10-minute session up to three times a week. This means a better mood, reduced anxiety and bringing down blood pressure.

Assists with flat feet and plantar fasciitis

People that experience flat feet and do not have a conventional foot arch because of ligament laxity, which allows the arch to fail. It doesn’t contain any serious effects on an individual, but some people go through foot discomfort following even slight physical activity because of flat feet. Severe heel pain can be produced by inflammation or worsening of the plantar fascia (the linked tissue that supports the arch of the foot). Consistent foot exercise along with deep massage, where you apply powerful compression on the arch. This can be beneficial and very much so decrease the discomfort and even remedy these issues.

Helps alleviate symptoms of PMS

The most widespread symptoms that women go through during PMS comprise of feeling depressed or sad, being irritable, anxiety, stiffness, trouble sleeping, exhaustion, headaches, and mood swings. A lot of these symptoms can be reduced with foot massages when you are experiencing this.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Consistent sessions have been known to beneficially reduce anxiety with individuals. Getting a foot massage can serve as a successful means of coping with depression and anxiety.

Helps Avert Ankle Injuries

Having your feet massaged by a massage therapist can assist with joint discomfort and help with recovery following an injury, as well as diminishing muscle tightness. But, when massage is shared with foot and ankle techniques requiring exercise and stretching it can avert impending injuries, as well as speed up recovery of present issues. A short session three to five times a week will guarantee that you reduce the threat of injury. We all have our occasions where we may fall, but a strong and flexible ankle and foot confirms that we can avoid unwanted injuries.

Improves Circulation

Due to a typically inactive routine, we have turned indifferent to utilizing our muscles on a consistent routine. The muscles in the feet don’t attain that much exercise and circulation is very much so decreased with tight and painful shoes. A 10–20-minute massage treatment can significantly enhance circulation, which is chiefly significant for people experiencing diabetes.

How long should a foot massage last?

So, a conventional massage for a particular body area that would usually take approximately 20 minutes, should usually last no more than only 10 minutes.

Can a foot massage make you tired?

A comforting and soothing foot massage will lend a hand with the body to relax, repair blood circulation and soothe the nerves. These in turn will promote a good night’s rest. There are even particular acupuncture points on your feet that can be massaged to enhance sleep. If you want more inquiries about this, you can ask your massage therapist.

Why do foot massages promote feelings of serenity?

In reflexology, the feet have areas that parallel to parts of the body. So, a foot massage regulates and balances energy in those highpoints and organs. A foot massage, in fact, has the power to bring upon endorphins as well as decrease stress hormones. This is why we get so many clients becoming obsessed with foot massages since they really do feel so good.


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