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RMT Massage

Are you looking to get a massage to release some stress and or anxiety and you are in the Markham region? Here at  Great One Wellness, we know the day-to-day stresses that can impact you in a negative way. Stress and anxiety can take a toll on the body. So, a great way that you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels is by getting a massage here in Markham. Many people usually feel tension and strain in certain areas of their body such as their neck, shoulders, rhomboids and back. But it is a good idea to obtain a RMT massage and below we will explain why.

Benefits of a RMT Massage:

Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Depression

As mentioned before, a massage has the capability to decrease stress levels. A massage, in addition assists with controlling and also diminishing the signs of anxiety and depression. Many people who suffer with depression have claimed that they feel more relaxed after a massage and their symptoms are reduced following a massage. A massage provides additional benefits for your health, such as sleeping better, a boost in energy, focusing better and not feeling as fatigue.

Pain and Stiffness Alleviated

A RMT massage has the power to alleviate pain and tightness. A RMT massage interestingly enough as builds up endorphins, which play the role of relieving pain. A Massage as well can help reduce pain associated with migraines. Muscles that are drained, overworked and also tender are able to relax and unstiffen more easily with a massage. Let’s not forget that massages are great for athletes. This is because an athlete does a lot of wear and tear on the body and uses their muscles a lot. So, a massage is beneficial to alleviate sore muscles of an athlete’s body.

Enhanced Circulation

A massage can boost circulation by allowing oxygen and nutrients to get to tissues and organs. A massage can also help regulate blood pressure. While these tips may provide beneficial medical aids, you ought to presume with consistent medical care with your doctor, certainly if you have a medical issue.

Immune System Function

A RMT massage has the power to boost your immune system. The massage kindles the lymphatic system, which helps the immune system shield the body.

Skin Benefits

A RMT massage assists with eliminating dead skin cells all over the whole body for an enhanced skin tone. The regulated blood flow is great for the overall look and rejuvenation of the skin. The massage can also kindle tissue renewal, which can lend a hand with diminishing the look of scars and stretch marks Depending on the type being applied on your skin, the massage oil can offer moisturizing and other enhancements to the skin.

How often should you attain a RMT massage?

This varies on the individual and discussion following a session but in terms of a deep tissue massage (full body). I advise once a week for the primary 6 weeks. After that then one once every 2 weeks or you can even aim for every month. Pertaining to a relaxing massage you can get one whenever you feel like you really need one.

Why you should drink water following a massage.

Drinking water following a massage is highly recommended here at Great One Wellness in Markham. One very important motive is that water will assist your kidneys and other organs with breaking down the various content that moves within the body on a consistent throughout and following a massage session. An abundance of toxins have been released, so you must remove them from your body.

Is it normal to experience any discomfort following a massage?

Following the RMT massage, you may experience some stiffness or soreness, but it should diminish after a day or two. Be sure to call your massage therapist if you have worries or if you feel excessive pain after getting a massage. As mentioned, drinking water after a massage is very important and this will help to flush the toxins from the tissues.

Can I expect to feel tired after a massage?

Fatigue or Sleepiness is normal following a massage. As an outcome of freeing tension, feeling tired or sleepy can be an aspect after your RMT massage or deep tissue massage. Letting go of stiffness in the body can decrease stress, that is physical, mental, or mutually. But keep in mind, that these symptoms shouldn’t last extensively. Following a good night’s sleep the next day you will feel fine.

Estimated Duration of a RMT Massage


How long can a RMT massage possible take? Well, it all depends on the customer’s fitness goals and it is worth noting that some parts are easily impacted while others take longer to be impacted. Please click here to know more.


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